Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bob Ufer Quarterback Club - $250K Check
Pam Ufer Wood and Tom Ufer present Lloyd Carr with a $250,000 endowment check for athletic scholarships to the University of Michigan.

The Bob Ufer Memorial Scholarship Fund originated in 1983. Its purpose is to provide four scholarships to students in Ann Arbor who exemplify the pursuit of athletic and academic excellence, as well as the enthusiasm and love of life, which characterized Bob Ufer's life.

Scholarships are awarded annually to seniors from Ann Arbor Huron, Ann Arbor Pioneer, and Ann Arbor Skyline High Schools who will be attending the University of Michigan.

Over 146 scholarships totaling $664,000 have been awarded over the past 34 years.

The Scholarship Fund now totals over $557,000.

Scholarship Recipients 1983–2015

Adela Baker Huron HS
Brian Guo Pioneer HS
Kaelan Oldani Skyline HS
Maya Maklouf Pioneer HS
Rachel Menge Pioneer HS
Kai Williams Pioneer HS
Madeleine Schmitter Huron HS
Justin Poliner Huron HS
Anna Li Aguirre Huron HS
Cole StuartSkyline HS
Kevin Yang Huron HS
Kelly Creal Pioneer HS
Madeline Merlino Skyline HS
Mohanraj Kothari Skyline HS
Socrates Papageorgiou Huron HS
Dillon Stuart Skyline HS
Davis Argersinger Pioneer HS
Rebecca Ford Huron HS
Taylor Zdanowski Pioneer HS
Donald Weidner Skyline HS
Randa Sakallah Skyline HS
Seith Goldstein Skyline HS
Meredith Bell Skyline HS
Zach Shaw Huron HS
Ryan Embree Huron HS
James Bourque Huron HS
Scott Marlatt Pioneer HS
Laura Schickling Pioneer HS
John Haarer Huron HS
Jessica Ford Huron HS
Ainsley McCallister Huron HS
Jeremy Ross Pioneer HS
Nathan Karr Pioneer HS
Ashley Cohagen Pioneer HS
Anna Dean Pioneer HS
Jessica Rampton Community/Pioneer HS
Hannah Clyde Huron HS
Phillip Mathew Huron HS
Jennifer Chronis Pioneer HS
Emily McEvoy Pioneer HS
Jacob Askari Huron HS
Sam Cleary Huron HS
Brent Kirshner Huron HS
Sarah Fowlkes Pioneer HS
Will Heininger Pioneer HS
Peter Helvie Huron HS
Leigh Cole Pioneer HS
Peter Christmas Pioneer HS
Susan Kennedy Pioneer HS
Nurit Weizman Huron HS
Jordan Kirshner Huron HS
Jean-Luc Deschaine Pioneer HS
Zack Putnam Pioneer HS
Kris Young Pioneer HS
Amelia Eaton Huron HS
Steven Weinberg Huron HS
Sarah Rosenblum Huron HS
Chris Chrisman-McQuarrie Pioneer HS
Rachel Embree Huron HS
John Seyferth Pioneer HS
Chris Fragner Huron HS
 Katie Morris Pioneer HS
Lindsey Hitchcock Pioneer HS
Erin Ott Pioneer HS
Matthew Mierendorf Huron HS
Kristie Vivian Huron HS
Rebecca Godek Pioneer HS
Elizabeth Malette Pioneer HS
Bradley Gregorka Pioneer HS
Britten Stringwell Huron HS
Keri Kirk Huron HS
David McMurtrie Huron HS
Angela Galardi Pioneer HS
Alyssa Kalata Pioneer HS
Anneke Huntzicker Pioneer HS
J.O. DeLancey Huron HS 
Elizabeth Flanagan Huron HS
Emily Pelino Huron HS
Kirsten Swanson Pioneer HS
Eric Mayes U of M 
Britt Smith Florey Pioneer HS
Rotolu Adebiyi Huron HS
Anne Kampfe U of M
Eric Mayes U of M 
David Kryscynski Pioneer HS
Lindsey Gruber Huron HS
Selina Harris U of M 
 Matt Augustyn Pioneer HS
Devon Tvaska Huron HS
Lia Florey Pioneer HS
Damian Lee Huron HS
Tia Sutton Huron HS
Michael Chang Huron HS
Beth Wymer U of M 
Sanjay Krishnan Huron HS
Nicole Marriott Pioneer HS
Tobin Van Pelt U of M
Marc Milia U of M 
Scott Corliss Huron HS
Keith Weintraub Pioneer HS
Rob Pelinka U of M
Chris Hutchinson U of M 
Jodi Brewer Huron HS
Matt Helber Pioneer HS
Kirk Trost U of M 
Kristina Hentchel Huron HS
Laura Mavity Huron HS
Steven Rutz Pioneer HS
Marc Spencer U of M Bus.
Laura Slee Huron HS
John Ligon Pioneer HS
Tim Williams U of M Law
Katie Orser Huron HS
Hans Berg Pioneer HS
John Scherer U of M Eng.
Mike Helber Pioneer HS
Eric Bailey Huron HS
Patricia Mondul U of M Arch.
Carol Pon Pioneer HS
Peter Smith Pioneer HS
Kristie Miner Huron HS
Rob Palmer U of M Bus.
Ann Darr Pioneer HS
Christopher Hutton Pioneer HS
Robert Ceresa Huron HS
Alex Thompson Huron HS
Russell Davis U of M
Kirt Trost U of M 
Paige Webster Huron HS
Tim Fraleigh Pioneer HS
Norm Betts U of M Dent.
Joe McFarland U of M Ed.
Paul Dolan Pioneer HS
Jon Morris Huron HS
Fritz Burgess U of D Law
Jeff Cohen WSU Bus.
Dan Pelekouda U of M Law
Kathy Lyons Pioneer HS
Guenther Knoblich Huron HS
Jerry Burgei O.S.U. Dent.
Tim Fagan E.M.U. Ed.